Scientific Space Data Alliance

A public Scientific Space Alliance amongst space enthusiasts for the affinity of inter-planetary interests, the nature of space, and qualities amongst scientific data 

About the Alliance

There is no application process to Join the Alliance, You can contribute to the Mission and the SSDA here

Members of the SSDA vary from public users of all ages, from children age to grown adults. We are a community of experts, fans, scientists, and inter-planetary humans

The SSDA is in partnership for data sets from NASA, Tableau, and other organizations who link directly to space missions. We hope to fly our own mission SSDA2028, click to learn more about the Mission

The SSDA exists in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere the internet trasnmits data. The SSDA office is located in Illinois, United States.

Yes, you can communicate with the SSDA and other members in the SSDA forum 

No, we receive thousands of members from all around the globe. The Scienfic Space Data Alliance wants to maintain diverse members.

More about the SSDA

No, it is not. The SSDA is a private owned entity.

The SSDA was a participant in the 2020 NASA International Space Apps Challenge and is on track to submit in the 2021 event. Space Apps is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others in cities around the world. Learn More

As long as you join by the deadline, the SSDA will trasnmit you DATA directly to be included on the next Mission from NASA Learn More

The SSDA has been around since 2017 and is still building new members each and every day

Sign up on the official SSDA member page here

You can sponsor any active mission the SSDA has underway at any time, your membership contribution helps to sustain the SSDA. To find more about supporting a mission please visit Mission SSDA2028

The SSDA researches and plans Space Missions of public interest. 

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